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DBN Group about Bestmix®

Adifo is happy to announce its recent partnership with the Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co., Ltd. Through the installation of the Bestmix Feed Formulation module, the group is looking to further solidify its position as a market leader in the production of feed and feed related products.

By relying on Bestmix Feed Formulation, the Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group looks to save time and increase productivity by formulating recipes in one centralized environment and rapidly sending the finished recipes to the assigned factory. Furthermore, the group aspires a more efficient and secure intake of raw materials.

The DBN Group

Established in 1994, the Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co., Ltd. has worked hard to build its reputation as a reliable producer of feed and seed products. With around 16 000 employees and an annual production of over 3.5 million tons of feed products, the Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group is one of China’s largest feed production operations. With innovation and advancement as its key values, the group is always looking for ways to reduce costs, increase operational effectiveness and increase the influence of scientific data on formulation.

The Challenge

By using different ingredient databases, the Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group experienced a lot of problems that were limiting production capabilities. Not only did it make the communication between several plants more complex, it was also a lot more complicated to efficiently manage the plants’ compounds because this required time-consuming conversions between databases.

The installation of a central platform was necessary to obtain complete control of every single compound, irrelevant of the plant where it was produced. Conveniently managing the available compounds would improve efficiency and the overall production. Moreover, a software update was desired to cement group’s reputation as a forerunner in using revolutionary technology solutions.

The Solution

Through the installation of Bestmix Feed Formulation and the solution’s efficient multiblend functions, the Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group is now able to actively monitor the entire flow of raw materials; from intake to the correct distribution to each production facility. This ensures the inflow of raw materials at the right price and quality standard while inefficient use of raw materials is minimized.

Bestmix further enables the Technology Group to formulate recipes in a single platform that is accessible to all authorized users irrelevant of their location. Such a platform entails a wide range of benefits when it comes to internal communication and formulation.

“As an old Chinese saying goes: ’A workman must first sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well.’ For business in the feed industry Bestmix central formulation software is a highly efficient tool. It not only improves the work efficiency but also assists in stock management and in making ingredient purchasing decisions. In short, it creates a range of benefits for feed companies. Adifo’s employees are very dedicate, passionate, and can help us solve problems during the practical application all the time.”
Dr. Ren Jianbo

The Result

The Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group has been able to cut both the time and technology costs of the production process. The unified platform solution provided by Adifo allows the group to gain a clear oversight over all production facilities, speed up formulation, make optimal purchase decisions, manage ingredients and improve the overall quality of the product at the end of the line.

The whole implementation and training were completed in about 6 months. This impressive feature was only possible due to the powerful functionalities and user-friendliness of the Bestmix module in combination with the passion and professionalism of the Adifo employees. They managed to train users efficiently by using clear language and by finetuning each training moment to the specific needs of the individual users.

Advantages of the Adifo Software

  • Software that is easy to install, use and upgrade
  • Client-oriented after sales services
  • Centralized database improves cooperation and communication across facilities
  • Great overall management of raw materials, from purchase and intake to distribution
  • Value-driven feed formulation
  • An IT-partner with lots of sector knowledge
  • Implementation and support by the local China team of Adifo software
  • Excellent project management and project implementation
  • Increased efficiency and workflow running speed

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