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Leonidas about Bestmix®

Leonidas has represented craftsmanship and savoir-vivre for over 100 years. The small Brussels praline laboratory set up by the founder with Greek roots has come a very long way without ever losing its soul and original ingredients: dried fruits from several countries and Belgian chocolate made from 100% cocoa butter. The company currently has 1200 shops in 36 countries.

Leonidas was obliged to take a closer look at its recipe management due to the EU legislation on accurate labelling for foodstuffs that came into force in 2014. In order to guarantee the best quality and efficiency for another 100 years in a company that operates on a highly international scale, Leonidas therefore went in search of a tool that could easily manage and evaluate all recipes and ingredients. Adapting the technical documentation for labelling was also important. Naturally, the solution had to be multilingual and easy to use. This is why Leonidas opted for Adifo’s BESTMIX Recipe Management Package, which has been in operation since April 2015.

Atanasios Moschos, Quality and R&D Manager at Leonidas, explains: “We save a lot of time in the development and adaptation of new products by using BESTMIX. Thanks to more transparency in the development costs, we can use our raw materials more efficiently. We’ve been able to reduce our analysis costs significantly because we are now able to calculate the nutritional values in-house. In addition to the automated management of recipes, we are also looking at the options to optimise our quality management using BESTMIX Quality Control.”

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