BESTMIX® is a least cost formulation system that enables optimization of recipes in terms of cost in order to maximize profit. It has highly developed simulation tools that enable full composition and cost forecasting depending on the market situation.

BESTMIX® it's much more. It allows full control of formulation from a small, local company with one plant, to international corporations with many plants in different countries.

The BESTMIX® database is not limited in any way. Each user has the possibility to create an unlimited number of nutrients, raw materials and recipes depending on their own needs

Research on the availability of raw materials, as well as the variability of nutrients and raw material prices requires continuous work with recipes in simulation conditions, which would also take into account production plans and the state of stocks and signed contracts, is available at BESTMIX® both at the level of a single recipe and all recipes together using the Multiblend module .

Ease of use, user-friendly and configurable user interface, multilingualism and easy-to-use tools for creating equations, entering standards or creating report templates make the implementation of the system fast, and you do not have to wait for its effects.

BESTMIX®is available in both locally installed and cloud-based versions.

BESTMIX®allows for complex calculations, as it uses advanced computational solutions in its work. This allows users to limit both nutrients and raw materials by taking into account many constraints or additional parameters and the use of coefficients and equations. All calculations can be made on a product basis or on a dry weight basis.

In case the conditions imposed on the program do not allow it to obtain a correct solution, BESTMIX® may calculate the suboptimal solution and indicate which limitations made it impossible to implement.

It's the world's best solution for Your business. Please contact us for more information.


Developed by Filip M. - www.github.com/Filip-Mosz